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SAVE THE SHARKS - Vote To Remove Dr Giam from CITES and DEMAND Conflict of Interest provisos be adopted by CITES

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This is a petition campaign between the following NGO's and organisations, all choosing to work together to achieve the same goal. (In order as they come onboard)

         THE SEA SHEPHERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY                                          OCEANIC LOVE

         SHARK ANGELS                                                                                      THE TANK BANGERS   

         SAVE MISTY THE DOLPHIN ORG                                                                         WILD AID HK

         OCEANICALLSTARS                                                                                           SHARKWATER

         UNITED CONSERVATIONISTS                                                                        SHARK RESCUE

         HONG KONG SHARK FOUNDATION                                                                 MAN & SHARK

         PANGEA SEED                                                GLOBAL SHARK CONSERVATION INITIATIVE

         FIN FREE TAIPEI                                                        SHARKMAN's WORLD ORGANIZATION

         THE SHARK GROUP                                                                                 SHARK GUARDIANS

         The DIVE TRIBE                                                                                                     ACTION ASIA

         RIC O'BARRY's DOLPHIN PROJECT                                                              DIVERS KINETIC

         SHARK FIN FREE AUCKLAND                                                         SEA FIRST FOUNDATION

         THE BLACK FISH                                                                     SHARK RESEARCH INSTITUTE

                                                       ........more to follow!!

CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Flora & Fauna. It is the UN body created to control the trade or ban the trade in endangered species. Dr Giam Choo Hoo is the Alternative Representative for Asia within CITES. He advises the committee as to what gets and what doesn't get protection.

He has been discovered to be working with the Shark Fin Industry and uses his position to lobby within CITES against any protection for sharks. He is using the power that he has been entrusted with, to work against the protection of endangered species.

Frank Pope of the Times of London interviewed Dr. Giam on March 14. An except from his article is as follows, “I’m elected by the Asian region I will tend to want to help them out where I can,” he told me. And he went on to say that because Shark fin Soup is the number one most prestigious thing to serve at a big event in China, Chinese people do not want it banned, and therefore he campaigns for that result."

Frank Pope's Blog

"Giam Choo Hoo is an ecological criminal and an eco-terrorist and his victims are endangered species and generations unborn."                                                    - Capt. Paul Watson

"You can't save the dolphins without saving their environment, and you can't save that without saving the sharks!"                                                                            - Ric O'Barry



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